teacher.jpgHello, my name is Mrs. Victoria Delmage ("DEL-midge"). I am originally from Poughkeepsie, New York. I have lived in the Southern Tier since August 2003, when I began coursework at Binghamton University. I met my husband at BU; we were next-door neighbors in the residence hall our sophomore (second) year. We got to know each other during organized sports, conversing over volleyball and dodge ball games. We both were involved in student government. Interestingly enough, we both started college with intended majors in very technical fields (he was in the engineering program and I was studying chemistry), then switched to English to follow our passions. We are now living the dream -- with three young children! My current hobbies include going to playgrounds with my little guys, going on nature walks with my little guys, cooking and baking for my little guys, reading books with my little guys, making up stories with my little guys, and pretending to be "Superheroes" with ... you guessed it ... my little guys. My family makes my heart sing.

As for my professional background, I am honored to begin my 9th year of teaching in the Vestal Central School District. My degrees include a BA in English and Italian (with a minor in International Studies) and an MAT in English Adolescence Education. I started my career as a writing adjunct, teaching assistant, and tutor at the university level. I also served as a substitute teacher for several local elementary, middle, and high schools. I have been blessed to work with so many influential and inspiring educational leaders. Moreover, I am so thankful to all of the students who have shared their knowledge with me! I continue to learn new things each and every day.

As you get to know me, you'll learn that I am passionate about teaching and learning. I truly love what I do, and I work hard to make your experience meaningful and pertinent to your everyday life. I'm looking forward to a great year with you!

E-mail: vadelmage@vestal.k12.ny.us
Work Phone: 607-757-2333
Office Location: Room 220
Office Hours: Period 6 (by appointment)

Making Appointments:
Students should see me directly to schedule an appointment.
Parents may schedule appointments through the Middle School Guidance Office by calling 607-757-2335.