alien hoops.jpgWhat hoops will you jump through for your alien?

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Sample Alien Hoops Paper # 1: Engineer

Sample Alien Hoops Paper # 2: Writer

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Alien Hoops Assignment Sheet:

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Alien Hoops Outline Packet:

On your Goal Setting worksheet, I asked you to think about where you would like to be 15 years from now. For some of you this was probably a really tough question. While others of you have undoubtedly known for sometime what you envision your future to be. Regardless of whether or not you think you have a plan, you're going to start this project with a little self-exploration and discovery using Drive of Your Life: You will all start by using this resource to identify 5 careers that suit your personality and interests. We will begin this together in class, and you will be given 5 "destinations" to investigate further. Your first deadline requires you to bring the Fast Facts print-outs from 3 of your 5 destinations.

After considering the career paths detailed on the 3 Fast Facts you printed, you will rank your 3 options. Your #1 choice will be the career path that you research further.

Instructions for "Drive of Your Life":


Below are several links to resources that can help you learn more about your chosen career.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook

This is Mrs. Delmage's "go-to" site for learning about careers!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics asks you to answer very basically what you like. It then brings up six careers that apply. By selecting any of those careers you will visit a "Quick Facts" summary. Some of the best goodies on this site can by found by navigating through the tabs at the top of the Quick Facts pages. For example, "How to Become One" offers a look at the HOOPS one would need to jump through to obtain this career.

The Riley Guide offers a variety of tools, but for the most part you will want to go to the Career Research Center link found on the menu to the left. Once there, scroll down and select your desired career. Each career has a summary of facts and some offer short videos.

Career Cafe

Career Cafe is a site you may want to spend some time on, but the most helpful tool is found by selecting "Get a Pathway". Follow the prompts to selecting your pathway and then view the "Pathway Brochure". Here you will find some interesting information about your pathway.

Career Ship

When you get to Career Ship select "Review by Cluster" and then find your career choice. This will bring you to a Career Summary. You also have the option of using the search feature to find your career.

The following are additional links you may wish to check out. Remember you can also perform an Advanced Google Search to find more sources. To do this go to and search for your career. Scroll to the bottom of the results and select "advanced". Then type the following into the "domain" box: .edu, .org, .gov (this will help to ensure you are getting only credible sources).

Below are additional links about in-demand jobs and skills.

Top in-demand jobs of 2012
Top skills/values employers want

Below are links and handouts from class notes.

Class Notes - Works Cited How-To:
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab: Electronic Sources
EasyBib - Automatic Citation Maker

Class Notes - Evaluating Sources:

Class Notes - Organizing Analytical Writing: