6/11 Reflections: Survey & Six-Word Memoir


Take our English 9A Course Survey


After taking our course survey, work on the six-word memoir:
1) Explore these pages to learn more about writing six-word memoirs:
Link: Honest Tea Six-Word Memoirs
Link: Six-Word Memoirs at SMITH Magazine
2) Compose your own six-word memoir(s) to reflect your life, freshman year memories, personal philosophy, etc.
3) Publish your masterpiece(s) on our class mural -- use colorful marker(s) and add drawings, too!

Fall 2011 Class Examples:
  • High goals. Hard work. No excuses. - Mrs. Delmage
  • Continuous incremental improvement... never stop learning. - Mrs. Delmage
  • We live in a beautiful world. (Cold Play) - Mrs. Delmage
  • In the end, only kindness matters. (Jewel) - Mrs. Delmage
  • Wait! Wait! I have a question! - Gabe B.
  • Never back down on a challenge. - Angelica C.
  • Always running late, never on time. - Shelby D.
  • Always texting; Addicted to my phone. - Emma S.
  • Get your work in on time. - Ashley S.
  • Life is difficult, but worth living. - Logan C.
  • Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase. - Olivia S.
  • Carpe diem, and every day after. - Olivia S.

6/8 The Lost Art of the Thank-You Note

Link: The Last Lecture and Randy Pausch
Link: Last Lecture on Oprah
Link: How to Write a Thank-You Note
Link: Writing Thank-You Notes