Independent Reading

Need help finding a "just right" book? Check out the following links:

What Should I Read Next?
This site is awesome. Type in your favorite book and it will list 20 others similar to it.

List of Top 100 Young Adult Authors and Titles

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25 Young Adult Books for Adults

Books for Boys

Book Recommendations for Middle School Boys

New York Public Library
Apply online for membership (it's free for all residents of NYS) to get digital access to current books! Works great for digital devices!

Checkpoints for Fiction Independent Reading Book Project # 2:

This set of books was due for check-in on 01/06/17.

January 2017
01/13 Independent Reading
01/20 Independent Reading
01/27 Independent Reading

February 2017
02/01 Sharing of Section 1 Notes through Google Docs - Deadline 7:00 PM TODAY
02/02 Chrome Books – Partner Feedback for Section 1 / Independent Reading to follow
02/16 Independent Reading

April 2017
04/26 Fiction Book Report is due on by 7:00 PM

*During Independent Reading, students should always be working with the following pages from the Course Pack binder:
  • Project Directions and Samples of the four types of notes - pages 5-7
  • Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Notes – pages 12-14
  • Sample Reports - pages 15-16, 17-20
  • Help with Questions – page 21
  • Help with Exclamations – page 24
  • Help with Connections – pages 24-26
  • Help with Literary Devices – pages 27-55

*When preparing the typed report, students should pay close attention to the following pages from the Course Pack binder:
  • Formatting Sample – pages 15-20 (MLA Sample Paper - Section 4, page 36 - for formatting help)
  • Help with Citations – page 8
  • Scoring Rubric – page 11

Digital Copy of Course Pack Section 1 (includes pages referenced above):

Non-Fiction Book Report